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Corilee Conti

“Nothing Compares to These Products!”

Hello! I’m Corilee Conti, and I’m ready to work with you and your loved ones today. I work with the company known as Sisel to sell health products, but that’s not all we do here. Come to me if you're ready to discuss using these health products as well as selling them to your friends, families, and acquaintances. The beauty of this company is that it gives you a way to live a healthier, happier life, as well as giving you a source of income. For me, there's nothing better than a company that takes care of me as a person, not just a consumer. Let me get you in on this tremendous opportunity so that you, too, can experience more financial stability along with feeling better in my own body.

What I do here is simple work, really, but it truly makes a difference in my day-to-day life. I use the products I sell, and I sell the products after I use them and know how they’ve affected me. I sell several health products, from smoothies and vitamins to a stem cell regrowth serum. Believe it or not, the protein shakes have 74 nutrients in them that are so good for weight loss. You'll be able to keep the weight off, or maybe bulk up if you're trying to gain muscle. I'll sell you a shake called "Ripped" for your pre-workout if that's the case. Don't worry if you feel like protein shakes never have the right nutrients for you due to age, because I finally have a product made, especially for you! The Golden Triangle is an incredible, tasty way to get everything you need to live a more healthy, happy life.

The significant part about this opportunity is that you can use and sell the products simultaneously. Sales experience isn't necessary; this job is simple, and I'll make sure to adequately train you before I send you off into the world. I like this work so much because anybody in the world can do it, regardless of prior experience. You can do this anywhere in the world, any time of night or day. I want to share this opportunity with you because I love the way it lets me live a freer, less tethered life. You can do this as a second income if your day job isn't cutting it, or give all your energy to this work. It will positively change your life regardless of your style.

I’m Corilee Conti, and I'm ready to help you change your life the easiest way possible. Come to me with all your questions about this company, whether you want to use or sell the products. I'll help you along the way so you can find the same success for yourself that I've been enjoying for years now. Get your life started with Sisel products!

Specializing in

  • Anti-aging vitamins
  • Chemical-free products
  • Delicious protein shakes
  • Improve overall health
  • Low-cost opportunity
  • Residual secondary income
  • Stem cell regrowth


  • Baton Rouge
  • Chesapeake
  • Oakland
  • Wellington
  • Melbourne
  • Calgary
  • Mesa

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